Jen is an ex-social worker turned writer, speaker, and personal development coach who specializes in helping people find the courage to get out of their own way and live the amazing life of which they dream, regardless of what might seem possible. A single mom, she embraces parenting through a village mentality and living a full and exciting life, within and outside of motherhood. An avid traveler, there is rarely a month that goes by without a plane trip somewhere. She loves to read, dance, laugh with friends, and tickle torture her daughter, Rory.

Rory is a 10 year old comedic genius who specializes in sarcasm, dark humor, and bodily noises. She took it seriously when people said she should be unique and just be herself, which sometimes results in everyone’s regret of ever saying such a thing. She says her spirit animal is a turtle/unicorn, forever unique and beautiful, and yet painfully slow and sometimes anxious and withdrawn. She loves art, singing off key, all of her chosen aunts, and her one-eyed cat Jack Sparrow. Most of the time she even loves her Mom, but she’s quick to point out that’s because she’s not “actually” a teenager yet.